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Find complete list of doctors in Thailand (This section is under development stages as we are updating entries from a database of a total of 28,752 doctors.(Phase One) The whole section will be ready by about the 1st Of March 2019.

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Dr Sira Nanthapisal

Specialty: Allergy & Immunology

Language : en,th

Hospital : Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Doctors in Thailand

Facing a medical challenge could be the most stressful thing in life. Health is a blessing and if you are going through some medical challenge, the biggest stress for you is to find the best doctor in town. The most convenient way to find Thailand doctors is to search online for your specialist doctor in Thailand. In Thailand, you can find doctors online for both private and public hospitals.

The healthcare in Thailand is one of the best in the world, thanks to its accessibility, affordability and primary care. The government in Thailand provides free insurance for its citizens, however they may pick their own doctor; those who justify other requirements (e.g. higher income or self-employment) have the choice to enroll in private health insurance instead of government provided health insurance and also have access to private hospitals and healthcare.

Thailand Medical News is an online web portal to help you find the suitable Thailand doctor for any of your medical issue within a minute. You can access quality healthcare with just a few clicks on your mobile, or PC without ever leaving your home, your office or wherever you are. Expats have plenty of choices for choosing a doctor in Thailand, as the country claims one of the highest numbers of practicing physicians in Asia. Although, almost all doctors in Thailand can speak or understand English, language issues may arise for non-English speakers. Here you get the choice to choose with language preference for your doctors in Thailand. You can narrow your search down by language, allowing you to choose a Thailand doctor with whom you can talk in the language you are most comfortable in.

If you are in search of a specialist for you or a family member or a primary care physician, we can help you find the best Thailand doctors. Your health matters to us and we want you to make the right choice. Medical professionals recommend regular medical checkups every 1-3 years as a preventive measure.

Thailand Medical News gives you access to the world’s renowned Thailand doctors. As a result, you can surely have the right information, the right opinion and the right treatment. Here you can even search a specialist doctors in Thailand from a specific hospital or from some specific province. This helps patients in making decisions, based on their personal needs ie who and where they would like to seek care from. Many physicians in Thailand have extended office hours or might be more flexible in scheduling patients. In any case, it is suggested that you always make an appointment.